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ddx offers strategic business analysis and planning across programs and projects, including maximising ROI in smart properties, enhancing automotive finance value, and elevating e-commerce & product performance. Our tailored, innovative strategies focus on identifying opportunities, optimising resources, before delivering effective solutions to meet your business's specific needs.

99.5% of big projects go over budget, over schedule, under benefits or some combination of these… Projects don’t go wrong, they start wrong. ddx follows the practice of ‘Think Slow, Act Fast’. We conduct thorough business analysis before starting a project, and continue with ongoing project management all in accordance with Project Management Institute (PMI) best practices.*Bent Flyvbjerg, author of How Big Things Get Done. Data source is the author’s database of of 16,000 projects from 20-plus different fields in 136 countries.

ddx streamlines your technology for seamless system integration, enhancing productivity and user experience while providing actionable insights for informed decisions. Our data-driven strategy, focused on understanding customer behaviour and trends, fosters innovation, improves customer experiences, and elevates your company's performance in a digital world.


Diagram of ddx's approach towards a scalable, future-ready, optimised solution.

Shared Value Focus

At ddx we believe in creating value that benefits both your business and society at large. Our solutions are designed to drive efficiency, improve customer experiences, and contribute to sustainable growth.

Diverse Team of Experts

Our strength lies in the many intersections that exist as a result of the diverse expertise in our team. We’re made up of strategists, architects, developers, corporate finance experts, planners, and project managers that have deep expertise in branding, smart cities, automotive, gaming, and systems integration. We judge performance, not background, ensuring we only hire and retain the best

Agile Approach

In a rapidly changing market, our agile approach allows us to adapt quickly and effectively. We're not just keeping up with change; we're driving it, always staying ahead of the curve.

BCCT TIBA 'Most Promising New Business 2022"
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TIBA 2022: Most Promising New Business

We're proud to have won the prestigious International Business Award for Most Promising New Business during our first year of business.

WiredScore + SmartScore

ddx is one of the first consultancies offering WiredScore and SmartScore assessment services to property developers & operators in Thailand.

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