dynamic solutions
Through Creativity & Analysis

what makes us different?

Shared value focus

We only want to work with clients whose values coincide with ours. We focus on the right kind of profits: win-win-win situations that serve society while benefiting both DDX and our customers.

Performance-based pricing

We put our money where our mouth is. If we don’t achieve our agreed-upon goals, we take a hit too.

The right team for your needs

We select only the most qualified team members for your project. If we don’t have the right personnel, we’ll hire them.

what do we do?

We provide impactful technology solutions and consulting services for forward-looking organisations in Asia Pacific & Europe. In practice, this means modernising systems and platforms, improving operational performance, and accelerating overall digital transformation. Our services enable clients to:

Move internal processes online

We set up secure software that lets authorised personnel monitor and coordinateoperations in real time, so that work continuesseamlessly and everybody stays on the samepage.

Increase online sales

We set up a reliable digital payment system, for smooth processing of transactions and greater customer convenience.

Explore new digital sales channels

From dedicated customer portals to e-marketplaces and mobile apps, we can make your products and services available to customers wherever you want to reach them.

Make working from home easier

By strengthening internal networks and establishing tech-based work processes, we help keep your business fully operational even when key personnel are not physically present.

Improve the customer journey

We make it easier to keep track of customers and help them with whatever they need. From timely marketing interactions to responsive customer support, our tech-driven systems ensure that no one falls through the cracks.

Find specialists for my team

As technology experts for business, we are well connected with talented operators across the region, and we can help bring in talent with the skills required to get the most out of our clients’ new internal systems.

why work with us?

Enterprises in Asia-Pacific work with DDX because they understand the need to incorporate modern technology in their operations – and they care about results.

Regardless of industry or company size, we help you achieve your business goals. We believe in our services so strongly that we’ll provide a discount if we don’t reach expectations.That’s why we’re the trusted advisors and digital transformation partners to companies such as:

let's get started!

Are we the right digital transformation consulting company for the job?

We specialise in planning, designing, and executing digital transformation plans that work. We always prefer to work with you, rather than work for you.

To find out how we operate, you can request an initial conversation or a digital strategy review – or book a free workshop!

Get to know our team, our capabilities, and how our unique approach to business modernisation can work for you. Wherever you are on your digital transformation journey, we can help show the way forward.

We assess your current operations and future goals, with an eye towards maximising the impact of their digital components. Our review will highlight potential areas for improvement, including any mis-alignment between your digital setup and your business objectives.

We can help your team learn to use new digital systems, or get the most out of their current ones. We can also give your team the skills and confidence they need to get started on their own digital transformation journey.

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