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about us


”When we set up ddx we were driven by the idea that Strategic & Digital Consulting needed to adapt, evolve and become more well rounded. Our goal has always been to collaborate with friends and partners who share our curiosity and enthusiasm for digital evolution.

As three friends with diverse business backgrounds, we bring a blend of unique perspectives and expertise. Together, we're committed to creating transformative experiences for our clients and making a significant impact on their customers. We warmly invite you to join us on this journey, whether as a collaborator or a client, and look forward to the opportunity to engage with you.”

Pawel, Gareth and Carl
ddx Founding Partners

Who We Are

ddx is a globally recognised, award-winning consultancy, specialising in strategy, digital transformation, systems integration and project delivery. We focus on sectors that shape the future, including smart cities, mobility, and interactive gaming.

Guided by our commitment to social responsibility, technology, and innovation, we integrate and streamline your operations, successfully manage complex projects, and design and develop digital products & gamification strategies, pushing the boundaries of traditional industries, as well as pioneering in digital representation of properties, assets and people.

Drawing on our global presence, with main offices in London & Bangkok and robust working teams in cultural hubs such as Lisbon, we've assembled a diverse team of 50 experts from around the globe.

We understand the urgency brought about by ongoing digital disruption. It challenges enterprises to keep pace with the accelerating rate of technological change, and this is where ddx excels.

ddx is as committed to social responsibility as it is to technology and innovation. We want to cultivate the next generation of digital talent, amplifying our global digital influence, and making ddx a universally respected and recognised name in the realm of technology.

Our Shared Values

Win-Win Mindset
Our reputation relies on creating value that benefits all parties. This defines our approach to business, from strategy & planning, project management & delivery, to integration and beyond.

Client-First Approach
We're problem-solvers at heart. If we don't have the expertise, we'll find someone who does. Your challenges are our challenges.

Integrity & Professionalism
We foster a harmonious work environment that's built on trust and teamwork. We act with integrity, always putting your needs first.

Vision & mission

Our vision is to set a new standard in strategic and technical consulting. We strive to be your preferred choice for technology solutions and advisory services. We are dedicated to identifying and implementing the right digital solutions. By evaluating your specific needs, we apply the most effective solutions and equip your team with the skills to fully leverage them.

We're in it for the long haul, not just for short-term gains. We choose to work on projects that contribute positively to society and the environment. We believe that our work should make a meaningful impact, extending beyond the boardroom to the wider community.

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