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Revolutionise your development with ddx. We blend cutting-edge technology into building operations, energy, and utilities, crafting the future of smart cities and services. Our expertise spans agri-tech to real estate, driving efficiency and connectivity. We transform your property with technology at its heart, boosting urban life and your ROI through strategic innovation and expert consulting.

What is it?

Smart urban developments redefine sustainable living, merging residential, commercial, and leisure spaces into tech-enhanced communities.

These eco-friendly constructions offer high-speed internet, efficient transport, and interactive spaces, optimising resource use and connectivity.

Our smart cities focus on enhancing life quality through sustainable, efficient, and vibrant community designs.

Floating smart city island, demonstrating interconnectedness.
DDX's commitment to professionalism and operational excellence has been evident throughout their engagement in the One Bangkok Project. Their role has been instrumental in the project's progress, and we are grateful for the collaborative spirit they have demonstrated.
Anthony Arundell
Executive Director - Smart City & Innovation
Frasers Property (Thailand) PLC

Custom software to power your smart city or building projects. From management dashboards to citizen engagement apps, we've got you covered.

Transform existing structures with intelligent technology upgrades. Optimise energy, enhance security, and improve functionality with our tailored solutions.

Navigate regulations and optimise operations through data analytics. We offer comprehensive compliance reviews and data optimisation for strategic decision-making.

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Software Solutions

Whether you're a municipality or a private developer, our custom software solutions are designed to make your smart city or building project more efficient and user-friendly. From management dashboards to citizen engagement apps, we provide software that is scalable, secure, and aligned with your objectives.

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Tech-enabled Retrofit

Upgrade with Intelligence

Ideal for clients with existing structures, this service focuses on integrating smart technologies to optimize energy use, enhance security, and improve overall functionality. We assess your current setup, recommend the best-fit technologies, and manage the integration process, transforming your asset into a future-ready space.

Data-driven Compliance

Optimise & Comply

Navigate the complex landscape of regulations while making the most of your data. We offer a comprehensive compliance review, identifying any potential risks and providing solutions. Concurrently, we optimize your data usage for operational efficiency and strategic decision-making. Transparent, adaptable, and effective.

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