build better services and products

We take a holistic, and human-centred approach to designing and redesigning services and products, using an analysis of the customer experience to help our clients build in more intuitive features that improve people's lives.

Rather than attaching digital features to already-completed assets, we design from the ground up to help innovate next-generation services and products. With the benefit of seamless digital enhancements, your deliverables will be at the cutting edge of your industry, adding value in creative and sustainable ways that your competitors have yet to adopt.

multi-layered adaptation

Customer experience, market fit, and awareness are central to the success of any service or product – and digital interaction is increasingly at the heart of the customer experience. Although surveys consistently show a willingness to pay more in exchange for greater convenience, most businesses are currently ill-equipped to satisfy this demand.

Raising the bar for quality requires proficiency in four key areas: Understanding real customer needs, building digital solutions to serve those needs, adapting services and products to fit seamlessly within a digital customer journey, and organising your product development teams in a way that makes such fluid, collaborative efforts possible.

The specialists at DDX will help you each step of the way, guiding your business forward from concept to execution. We begin by listening to your needs, and the needs of your customers – and then work alongside you to create and implement the best digital solutions.

technical and strategic support

Digital upgrades and redesigns require a solid technical foundation. We provide full assistance with cloud migration (AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud), software engineering, system architecture design, and security. Our software teams can also deliver enterprise systems integrations, complex software & e-commerce capabilities, as well as high performance and future proof web applications.

All the while, we help your teams collaborate effectively, allowing them to innovate each individual offering while also ensuring that your entire suite of services and products makes market sense and is fully on-brand.

our process

Project Discovery & Goal Mapping

We’ll work with you to gain detailed insight from your current customers, products, and stakeholders. Based on that data, we define online and offline enhancements with the potential to greatly improve the customer and digital experience. Every step forward is designed with an eye toward regulatory compliance (e.g. GDPR/PDPA), giving you an actionable blueprint for improving your services and products.

Customer Experience / Journey Mapping

We’ll propose specific ways to simplify the customer experience at each touchpoint, enabling your website, app, and social media platform to improve the interaction process. Where possible, we use data-driven journey mapping to infer customer intent and provide a smooth path forward in anticipation of their needs.

Validation, Prioritisation, and Scope

We’ll help determine the right steps to take, in the right order. We use impact mapping to align expected outcomes with intended goals, ensuring that each endeavour adds clear value and is planned at the proper scale for its purpose. By putting the totality of your roadmap in visual form, these initiatives facilitate more productive internal collaboration.

Situational Awareness

We’ll orient your team’s efforts toward strategic goals, using a visualisation system called Wardley mapping. We do this to expose assumptions, allow challenges, and create consensus amongst the team. Wardley mapping enables personnel across all departments to clearly understand the types of problems faced by your organisation and its customers – as well as clearly indicating where to invest time and money, providing situational awareness to help stay ahead of your competitors. Once aligned, true operational synergy becomes possible.

Rapid Prototyping

We’ll produce simplified models of every new design and feature during the digital development process. These prototypes are continually tested to ensure full functionality as well as a user-friendly interface. By building each experimental model quickly, refinements can be made both early and often, resulting in a polished product ready for launch.

Get to know our team, our capabilities, and how our unique approach to business modernisation can work for you. Wherever you are on your digital transformation journey, we can help show the way forward.

We assess your current operations and future goals, with an eye towards maximising the impact of their digital components. Our review will highlight potential areas for improvement, including any mis-alignment between your digital setup and your business objectives.

We can help your team learn to use new digital systems, or get the most out of their current ones. We can also give your team the skills and confidence they need to get started on their own digital transformation journey.