empower creative talent

We support your creative processes by analysing your current processes, identifying areas for improvement, and then implementing targeted solutions to help you scale up while maintaining quality of output. The appropriate solution may be as simple as implementing a new piece of software, or as complex as hiring a whole new team. When selected carefully, both structural and cultural adjustments can open the door to systematised creativity.

After determining the best solution, we’ll create a robust design ops framework to channel your team’s creativity toward practical ends. We’ll also work with you to ensure that each new process supports business scaling, while maintaining quality levels across your organisation.

success is a product of creative adaptation

Creativity often delivers more value to an organisation than any other skill. It is creativity that leads to important innovations in design and marketing, as well as new types of product and service concepts.

Many businesses take a ‘hands-off’ approach toward their creative team, on the assumption that any outside interference will slow down the ideation process. A better approach, however, involves integrating creative talent at all levels of the organisation so that each innovation effort can be directed at real problems and opportunities, and then applied as soon as possible.

Independence has its advantages, but true creative synergy delivers the best of all worlds. In today’s changing business environment, where adaptation is vital to success, a well-structured creative process can put your organisation on the best path forward.

towards a culture of ideas

As businesses grow, their ability to scale creative talent can make all the difference between success and failure. It is the role of leadership to build a driven, capable, and well-directed team that can imagine a better future for the organisation – and then turn that vision into reality.

DDX design ops consultants have worked extensively in creative design as well as executive management. With their guidance and support, your teams will work and communicate more effectively together, letting your business make the most of its creative potential.

our process


We’ll examine your current business and identify where and how creativity happens, creating a map of current creative work across departments. This visualisation, which includes stakeholder interactions and gateway approvals, will also highlight areas ripe for improvement. By putting the situation in clear view, we can effectively identify key objectives and influences, as well as any barriers that need to be cleared.


Based on the results of the Discovery phase, we’ll propose solutions that promote innovation while also delivering improved scalability and quality control. These solutions may include re-defining roles and responsibilities, designing new workflows, setting up review/approval gateways, training your staff, introducing new software, and more.

Change Management

We’ll meet with your leadership team and creative team members to identify change champions, define next steps, and implement a comprehensive change plan. To ensure the best outcome, we’ll conduct change workshops with teams, provide access to subject matter experts, and monitor change performance in real time.


We’ll identify skill gaps and propose training programmes/instructors to upskill existing team members, preparing them to take a more proactive, creativity-focussed approach to their work. At the same time, we’ll observe and report on performance within these training sessions, so that adjustments can be made and additional coaching can be delivered to those who need it most.


We’ll deliver a design ops manual for your teams to follow, letting you maintain current gains and set up future improvement efforts. The manual will include new workflow diagrams, along with clearly defined roles and responsibilities for each role within the creative team – and each role that needs to work directly with the creative team. We’ll also develop tailored recruitment and onboarding materials, to help grow your creative talent moving forward.

Get to know our team, our capabilities, and how our unique approach to business modernisation can work for you. Wherever you are on your digital transformation journey, we can help show the way forward.

We assess your current operations and future goals, with an eye towards maximising the impact of their digital components. Our review will highlight potential areas for improvement, including any mis-alignment between your digital setup and your business objectives.

We can help your team learn to use new digital systems, or get the most out of their current ones. We can also give your team the skills and confidence they need to get started on their own digital transformation journey.