optimise your business

Markets and technology change constantly, which is why it is important for businesses to keep themselves ahead of the curve. From organisational adjustments to process mapping, DDX helps clients make the most of their existing resources to deliver faster results.

We correct inefficiencies in all areas of your business, while facilitating efforts at adaptive modernisation. Given the current economic volatility, these initiatives could make all the difference between getting stuck in the past versus driving your company toward future success. We believe that well-optimised organisations, with a keen understanding of people’s needs, are in the best position to grow sustainably and benefit society as a whole.

improvement starts with understanding

A change management programme need not throw away all of the good things from the past. However, sometimes having a clean set of eyes can help challenge existing operations and change your business for the better.

At DDX, we help businesses to look at their existing data, match it with relevant market trends to reshape the strategy, and identify where opportunities are being missed or where there is too much investment in unproductive or unprofitable areas. 

Our team can give you a clear picture of what is happening both inside and outside your organisation. We then show you how to apply these lessons, radically improving operational efficiency while pursuing new market-based opportunities.

a coordinated effort

Although data can identify areas for improvement, communication and coordination are needed to orient your entire workforce toward the same goal. DDX fully explains every planned cultural and operational change to your personnel, lowering the learning curve toward business transformation.

Through step-by-step change implementation, and frequent coaching, we help your team adapt properly to new operational norms – and succeed where many other businesses have failed.

our process

Business Analysis

We’ll recommend concrete improvements for your business, based on our own data-based analysis of its processes and market performance. We also help you implement these internal adjustments effectively at a technical, operational, and cultural level.

Business Process Mapping

As new business tools are created and new norms (such as working from home) are established, companies must keep up with the changing operational landscape. We’ll visualise your internal processes, measuring outcomes and recommending adjustments for greater overall efficiency.

Future Fit Systems Choice

Our specialists have expertise in a variety of business systems. Having studied the data, as well as your existing processes and legacy systems, we’ll recommend and adapt the right solution that suits your long-term business goals. By reducing manual work, and delivering the right impact within your sector, a DDX-implemented solution will give your business a competitive edge moving forward.

Build, Migrate, Launch

We’ll help your company move swiftly along each step of the development cycle – for its own systems, as well as its services and products. The various phases of progress each require radically different skill sets, and DDX will keep your teams fully prepared as the launch date approaches.

Change Management

When the time comes for your business to make its change, we’ll prepare your teams at a cultural level – helping them develop the soft and technical skills they need to succeed under the new system. By overseeing incremental change, and providing personalised support where needed, we put success within reach of your entire team.

Get to know our team, our capabilities, and how our unique approach to business modernisation can work for you. Wherever you are on your digital transformation journey, we can help show the way forward.

We assess your current operations and future goals, with an eye towards maximising the impact of their digital components. Our review will highlight potential areas for improvement, including any mis-alignment between your digital setup and your business objectives.

We can help your team learn to use new digital systems, or get the most out of their current ones. We can also give your team the skills and confidence they need to get started on their own digital transformation journey.