we are curious, courageous, and transparent

We never stop learning:
  • We all understand the strategy, market, customers, and our partners
  • We are all broadly knowledgeable about technology, business and the relationship between the two
  • You are free to fail
We embrace change:
  • We all contribute effectively outside of our specialty
  • We all learn rapidly, eagerly and ask many many quesions
  • We are all curious about ourselves, our learning journey, and what help we need on the way
We are transparent, honest, and ethical:
  • We document everything
  • We share results
  • We celebrate failures
  • We manage expectations

We judge performance, not background

We consistently exceed our targets & goals
  • We are measured on the value we deliver to our customers
  • We put more emphasis on results than process
We only hire and retain the best people
  • We look beyond ethnicity, race, wealth, age, gender, and beliefs
  • We do not discriminate, positively or negatively

We are responsible, considerate, and professional

Where possible we act in the best interests of:
  • Delta Dynamics
  • Society
  • Environment
We are aware of others’ feelings:
  • We do not tolerate harassment
  • You treat people with empathy independent of their status or disagreement with us
  • We listen to understand
We are all:
  • Self motivated
  • Self aware
  • Self disciplined
  • Self improving
  • Leaders
  • Proactive